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Infant Childcare Program

Once Upon a Time offers infant care for children who are six weeks and older. Here we focus on every infant’s individual path of development, helping each infant reach their milestones at their own pace. Our infant staff offer lots of bonding time, promoting a sense of security for your baby. We focus on what milestones your child has reached so far, and help each c reach their next goals. Currently, we are offering parents two infant classrooms:

  • 1:3 Ratio

    Below Connecticut’s state mandate for this age group, with one teacher for every three infants, your baby will get lots of one-on-one attention from our staff.

  • 1:4 Ratio

    At Connecticut’s state mandate, babies in the 1:4 classroom also get lots of one-on-one attention from our staff.

What is the Primary Caregiver System?

We offer a primary caregiver system where every child is assigned to a specific caregiver in order to promote bonding and a sense of security.

Every infant is on their own feeding and sleeping schedules to allow for each child’s individual growth and development as well as maximizing their one on one time with their caregivers. We concentrate on the order of development, not a child’s chronological age. We monitor each child’s milestones and set developmentally appropriate next goals. Infants flourish at their own pace in this positive environment.

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