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Preschool Program

This comprehensive program is designed to prepare your child for a successful transition to kindergarten! We offer a threes room, where children are given an introduction to preschool. We have a ratio of one teacher for every ten children. The curriculum is centered around   socio-emotional development as a primary goal with art, music, science, social studies, fine and gross motor development included. We work on letter identification, rudimentary math skills, writing and the beginning phases of reading. Phonics activities are a part of each day’s lesson plans.

Children work in small groups, using a child directed method of teaching. At times, our room may look chaotic with children busy in our learning stations. In reality, the children are learning in the most natural way, through play. Our program encourages reading readiness through our print rich environment. All of this helps the preschooler in preparation for kindergarten.

Pre-K Program

This is a program primarily designed for 4 year olds, going on to kindergarten in the fall. We continue to run the program with a learning through play philosophy. There is a focus on reading readiness skills including sight words, phonics activities as well as using reading cues. Children practice math skills with manipulatives and the beginning of equations with addition. Children continue their writing skills as well as music and movement and outside time. There is a larger focus on science and hands on experiments than in the preschool room. Children go on to kindergarten very well prepared for the curriculum.

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